“The best I have ever heard/had in my radioshow”

 In The Media

Those touching words were spoken by the great talented radio dj Kaj van der Ree just a week ago. We were invited by him to play some, read two, songs in his radio show at 3FM. After the first two song, he was so flabbergasted that he wanted more and you, the people who sended amazing text messages, wanted more! So, we played an extra track live in his studio. We know, it was late and you might want to go to the church in the morning, so luckily for you we recorded it all!

Here you can find all these songs and interview we did.



He Ho Let’s go to ADE!


ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is THE biggest dance festival on the world. With a lot of locations, we were honored to play one of them. An amazing crowd helped us to set the place on fire. It went up up and beyond! Here is some proof.



Geplaatst door Knarsetand op donderdag 2 november 2017

The Dressingroom Podcast

 In The Media

Or as it is called in Dutch “De Kleedkamer Podcast”. It could be possible you never heard of it before but Podcasting is up and coming in our small country pretty quickly and with this ofcourse some of the podcasters are diving into the music business. This podcast invited me to talk about Knarsetand and my other project Quibus. Talking about the daily things I do for it and what preforming with the band is like.

You can check the full podcast in your favorite podcast app.
Itunes: http://bit.ly/kleedkamercast
Stitcher: http://bit.ly/kleedkamercaststitcher
soundcloud: http://bit.ly/kleedkamercastsoundcloud